Monday, January 10, 2011

The Week That Was: Instant Nostalgia

I can't remember a time when someone's asked me what I've been up to, that I haven't said, "nothing." But surely, I must be up to something. I've decided to really begin taking stock of my life and because I'm nostalgia crazy, I'm going to start getting nostalgic about stuff that just happened.

Saw Black Swan with my mom. Note: Do not see Black Swan with your mom. I've, admittedly, but never purposely, seen several of these sorts of R-rated sexy-time movies with my mother without incident, but when the sexy time stuff is kind of a reflection of/reaction to the mother-daughter relationship, the viewing experience just gets, as the French say, weird. But if you haven't seen this one already, you probably should. If only to check out Vincent Cassel, who is, as the French say, French. Total French dude.
Blew off a writing assignment and saw the new Sofia Coppola movie Somewhere. Can't help thinking that Sofia Coppola's entire career is based on a bet...and of course nepotism, to a lesser extent. But I am a fan of hers, in spite of myself, and enjoyed this movie even though there was no plot, conflict, etc. 
The neighbor boy came over and we watched The Empire Strikes Back (RIP Irvin Kershner) while talking about how aimless we are, the stupidity of Facebook, and Yoda's tendency to flip everyone the bird.
My boyfriend and I decided that we needed to go on diets and were planning on eating something healthy for dinner but instead ate monster burritos. We are fat enablers.
BF got me hammered, hoping, I think, that it would lead to some sort of make-out sesh or coitus situation but really all it lead to was chili cheese fries at 2AM.
Went to the Pixar exhibit at the Oakland Museum, which was extremely rad even though the whole experience was ultimately just rubbing salt into the you-will-never-work-for-Pixar wound. (Decided that later, I'd nurse said wound with a Lean Cuisine binge.) Saw this ominous/seedy "Pay Her" sign when we parked the car outside the museum:
Watched the Syfy channel's Star Trek movie marathon. Desperate to see my idol/husband Jean-Luc Picard/Patrick Stewart, I waited with bated breath for the Next Generation movies.

And that was the week that was.


Melanie's Randomness said...

This is awesome!!! I love coming to visit your blog! I never realized that it does kinda look like yoda is flipping off Luke! Yeahh Black Swan was a lil akward to see with all the females of your family! But it was good! Ooo I missed the star trek marathon? I like the the first one with the Nexus where Patrick Stewart finds shatner & whoopi in it! Awesome week! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Ally said...

Ha ha! I love this post from Sophia Coppola (still can't believe she was that ugly annoying kid in The Outsiders) to fat enabling. So true!

Also, I hate watching any movie w/my mom. There's always one scene that makes me wanna die. The worst was The Squid and the Whale - the kid rubbing one out and wiping it on stuff. Ugh! Why?!

Fourth Grade Nothing

The Shanner of Attention said...

Any week that includes chili cheese fries is a week to remember.

I love that Mila Kunis (Black Swan) is the voice of Meg from Family Guy. Makes Meg seem a little bit cooler, eh?

Megs said...

You don't need to stop eating the burritos, you just need to rationalize them better.

So you have some kind of meat, and probably some kind of vegetable, and carbohydrates and maybe some cheese or sour cream or both, which is calcium.

So basically, a burrito is a good diet decision because it combines a lot of the necessary food groups. And then stick your fingers in your ears and say, "LA LA LA" when anyone tries to say something about fat, calories, or fat calories outweighing the good. Or something. Someone tried to explain it to me once but I couldn't hear them because I had my fingers in my ears.

Catherine said...

I definitely have to agree that Picard is drool-worthy.


Amiee said...

Think I'll be seeing Black Swan alone when it comes out here! My boyfriend is such a fat enabler too. So weak.

Katie Gates said...

Loved this post! Gave me the broadest smile -- your humor and your take on life are so refreshing! Good for you for realizing that your week was not about "nothing."

(Now, in order to post this comment, I must "verify" the "word" stersupt! And guess what? THAT is the highlight of MY week!!! Don't ever say "nothing" when you can say "stersupt!")

Barbara said...

"all it led to was chili cheese fries" LOL!

My boyfriend has totally pulled that on me before.

BeckEye said...

Another friend of mine saw "Black Swan" and "Somewhere" this weekend. Her assessment of the latter was basically the same as yours.

soft nonsense said...

You've said before that we would, in real life, make the bestest of best friends. I have never disagreed with you, and this post only underscores our obvious potential. Hammered Amber seems rather insightful, though sober Amber forgot to point out that 2AM chili cheese fries is basically coitus as it is. In addition, your portrayal of Captain Jean-Luc Picard momentarily shattered a bit of my childhood, but then automatically replaced with with college-y laughter with "Make it so."

Also, I met someone who studied in Berlin whose sister works for Pixar and thought of you.

Christina In Wonderland said...

I've really wanted to see Black Swan, so, having you recommend it means I should get my ass out there to see. I totally trust your judgment. :)

Also, Yoda totally does flip everybody off. That a*hole. But I still love Yoda. How can you not love Yoda? He's just so... Yoda-ish.

Penny Lane said...

I am a new follower and so far I dig it!

I have made a rule, do not see any movies rated above PG with Mama, that is it. That is my rule.

I took my brother, though, to see Dinner for Shmucks when it came out, have you seen it ? It was a bad idea.

Amber said...

Ally: I can see how the squid and the whale would cause some mother daughter awkwardness. The worst movie I've seen with my mom is probably "Angel Heart." Especially since I was in elementary school at the time.

Katie: Thank you for the compliment. Glad I could make you smile.

soft nonsense: I really wanted to have Picard say something about wanting to marry me and then incorporating the word "Engage" but I couldn't figure it out.

Christina: Black Swan is totally brutal. There are some scenes that are worse than the goriest horror movie. It's definitely worth seeing.

Penny Lane: Thanks for following! That really means a lot to me since, as I'm looking at my followers widget, it appears that I just LOST a follower. But I'm glad you're supporting me. I haven't seen "Dinner for Schmucks" and so far I've heard horrible things. I almost want to see it just because everyone says it's so bad.

Amber said...

Shanner: I'm starting to look at Meg Griffin in a completely different way. It's weird. Mila Kunis is always challenging our expectations, like, when she started dating Macaulay Culkin. She's full of surprises.

Megs: You're totally right about the burritos. And at the moment, I'm telling myself that calories don't exist, they're just part of some government conspiracy, etc., and as I'm repeating that over and over again in my head, it's really making sense. Like, right now, I'm pretty sure it's true.

Tabs A. Geek said...

My boyfriend learned the hardway, getting me drunk only leads to about half an hour of makeout time, before I am ready to go to sleep.

RMb said...

wow. your week sounds infinitely better than mine. your drawings are amazing!! :)

Simon said...

I had to see Black Swan with my mother and my sister. But that was out of necessity. They are my ride, my ticket, and my consent.

Life is good when it has burittos.

loveable_homebody said...

I enjoyed your summation of your week. I cringed when I read that you saw Black Swan with your mom! Wow. Awkward. What did she think of it? It was a great movie. I loved it.

Also, that last picture looks remarkably like Patrick Stewart. Good work.

MJenks said...

That was Yoda saying, "Bitch, use the Force and don't go gallivanting off to Bespin--bad news, dude, I'm a Jedi master. I'm hip to that rhyme."

Because he also had a thumb in those three digits, and he wasn't flashing that finger at Luke when he decided to go dashing off across the galaxy. He also wasn't giving a thumbs up to his shitty haircut, either.

Fear Street said...

Your portrayal of Picard is mesmerizing...those orb-like eyes peer directly into my soul. Or what's left of it.

Nicki said...

Yeah, we keep trying to do the whole "diet" thing too, but the "eight-beer-a-day diet" keeps canceling out the "healthy diet."