Friday, March 5, 2010

My Posse's on Broadway: Part II

I'd initially planned on adding new members to my post-apocalypse posse o' heroes every couple of weeks but I realized that that would be impossible. This thing that I do is bigger than me, it's bigger than this blog, and I really can't afford to make any hasty decisions. After a month of very careful deliberation and spiritual contemplation, I have finally made my choice.

Posse Member #2

Full Name: General

Known Aliases: Jam-Master G

Breed: Tabby

Hometown: Unknown

Occupation: Cat

Special Skills: Able to kill life-source-sucking wall trolls with a turntable and a fan; in spite of his cat-hood, totally understands English; more intelligent than most humans. 

What's His Deal: A little girl finds General and hopes to keep him, but her anti-feline mother sends him to an animal shelter to be euthanized. Fortunately, General escapes and returns to the little girl's home in time to save her from a mystical troll and his mini-sausage fingers.

Known Enemies: Trolls; Douchey parents.

Why He Was Selected: In a lot of ways, General is my idol. He has this amazing, unshakable fealty that I admire and respect and I think that he'd be an asset to any team--whether it's a team of unlikely heroes, combating alien overlords or a team of dudes playing football or whatever. Also, he's a total badass. Case in point:

Two years ago I found a stray cat at my grandmother's house and took her home with me. Sally's the smartest cat I've ever met and I have a feeling that she might be related to General. 

If she isn't related to General, then I think she must have seen him in Cat's Eye at some point in her life and--like me--decided to model herself after him. 


Christina In Wonderland said...

I concur. General is very bad ass and needs to be on any apocalyptic anarchy fighting posse thing. :)


That was an awesome movie!!!! General tore that troll up! By the way, I love the bandana on the cat....

Sadako said...

I never saw Cat's Eye (I don't know why not, I loved SK), but he sounds like an awesome kitty. Awww.

Amiee said...

I loved General, alas hoped that one of my kitties would protect me similarily. Sally looks quite badass herself ;P

Sally-Sal said...

Before General went into witness protection, he was called Clovis, and he was in Sleepwalkers.

General/Clovis is one badass cat.

Jerry said...

I loved the General in that Cat's Eye. He kicked that troll's ass. When I first saw that movie when I was a kid I wanted a cat exactly like that!

My Thoughts

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

I totally forgot about the Cat Versus Troll Deathmatch in Cat's Eye.

He is truly awesome.

Ally said...

I totally forgot about Cat's Eye which then reminded me of Fire Starter, totally adding these to my Netflix Que!

PS Great post of course!

Ally @