Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Birthday + My Blog's Birthday = Double Birthday, Oh My God! Double Birthday, All the Way!

Yesterday was my 28th birthday, peeps! I did it! I've officially lived longer than Jimi Hendrix! I think that's pretty impressive. Especially when you consider the fact that I just got health insurance after 3 years without coverage.

It's also the two year anniversary of this blog! I did it! I've officially been blogging longer than Jimi Hendrix! Anyway, thank you, errbody. I really appreciate your hilarious comments and I'm glad your folks decided to have sex the day you were conceived. This song is for you from me and Jon B featuring Babyface:

My goals for this, my 28th year of life, are to (a) survive (b) continue blogging and (c) become BFF with Matthew McConaughey. Matt and I share a b-day and if we become BFF, November 4, 2012 has the potential to be rad.

First, I'd help Matt work on his abs, delts, and glutes during one of his impromptu, open-air exercise sessions.
Then, we'd invite Sam Rockwell over and taunt him for being born on Nov. 5 instead of Nov. 4 (like most cool people). 
We'd end the day with nude bongo playing.
I have small boobs.

Once again, thanks for reading, commenting, following, etc. J.K. livin', you guys, j.k. livin'.


Munk said...

Nov. 4, my wifeys b-day as well. Cool people, yes.
Take a lesson from Jimi and don't sleep on your back after drinks, heroin, and naked bongo playing, no matter how small your boobs are.

Amiee said...

Happy Birthday!! Bit late I know maybe blame the time difference. Let me know what 28 is like, I'm still not used to 27..

Misty said...

Happy late birthday! Keep on bloggin'!

Nicole said...

Happy belated birthday to both you and your blog! Too bad about Sam Rockwell's birthday though; I really like that guy.

Fear Street said...


(Just a few days stale.)

I hope you and this blog continue for a looooooooong time to come.

Lorraine said...


We share a blog birthday. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this last year too. I'm pretty sure I'm going to mention it again next year. Just get used to it, TWIN.



Amber said...

Thanks everyone!