Thursday, November 4, 2010

Amber and the Incredible, Awesome, So Good, Not Bad Day

Why is today super special for me and these three dudes?

It's our birthday! 

You can really judge how much of a nerdburger you are by the gifts you receive on your birthday. My boyfriend got me this...
Star Wars toaster! It makes your bread evil...
Don't worry. I killed the toast with the force...of my teeth...
My mom bought me this balloon...

...which I muderlized in an epic lightsaber duel (using my handy, purple Mace Windu lightsaber). My mom also had these cookies made for me...
Another reason why today is super special is because it's this blog's first anniversary. I've always been fickle and these days my attention span seems to be getting shorter and shorter, so it's hard to believe that I've been able to keep up this blog for this long. I think that it's because of all of you guys--your support, hilarious comments, etc.--that I've been able to keep doing this. So I just want to thank everyone for reading and not unfollowing me after I drew that picture of Waldo holding the communist manifesto. Just by reading the comments you leave for me, I can tell that you're all infinity times smarter, funnier, and sexier than the readers of most other blogs. 

To celebrate your awesomeness, I've decided to give out some awards. Now, these awards don't come with any rules. You don't have to give them to five other bloggers or link back to me. You can post them on your blog or your sidebar if you want but I'd be just as happy if you posted them on your heart.

The Woody Allen Neurotic Blog Love Award
1. Soft Nonsense--This dude's friggin' cool. He also seems to be very handsome.
2. Vita Brevis--Read this blog, please. Thank you.
3. Kazoo--Megs is the coolest, as far as I'm concerned. I like her as much as I like Martin Short. And I like Martin Short a lot.
4. Are You There Youth, It's Me Nikki--Nikki is an OG nostomanic follower. It's because of her that I'm always creepin in the YA section of the library and getting weird stares from parents.
5. From the Head of the Danaconda--This guy taught me everything I know about weiners.
6. The Stir-Fried Dinosaur--I love Rob.
7. Christina In Wonderland--This chick knows what's up.
8. Not That Kind of Girl--Ugh. This girl is so rad, it makes me sick.
9. Without Obsession Life is Nothing--Total love.
10. Culture Kills...wait, I mean cutlery--I think the two of us could speak to each other in nothing but pop culture references.
11. Vomit Popsicle--So funny. Seriously.
12. No One Reads the Copy--You should probably read this blog. Like, right now.
13. I Want Your Sass--Have I told you, lately, that I love you?
14. The Crymes Syndicate--My twin.
15. Missed Periods and Other Grammar Scares--When it comes to grammar, I'm...creative. But this super smart lady still reads my blog. Therefore, she is cool.

My Own Personal Superhero Award (aka peeps who make me happy)

More coming soon. So don't feel like you've been Haley Joel Osment-ed out of an award if you don't see your blog here. I love you all and in lieu of birthday presents I'll be accepting compliments (or even complements) about how awesome I am. 


Christina In Wonderland said...

Do we really have to feed your ego any more than we already do? :) You should have asked for your own Vader Helmet. For shiz. I mean, Vader Toast is cool. But I'd be scared it would go all dark side on me and Force Lightning the shit out of every piece of bread I try to toast... and I don't like burnt toast. Bad Vader Toast! Bad!

And your Woody Allen Neurotic Blog Love Award is like THE BEST award I've ever received. Because it comes from your heart. And *crying* you're super sweet and nice...

Be my new mommy? I'm on the market for a super cool nerdy mommy! I've already got an Asian mommy. Lol.

Everyone needs one of those btw.

And sorry for the super long post. I'm jacked up on Mt. Dew right now. Well, Georgia sweet tea. Kind of the same thing.

Happy birthdizzle fo shizzle.

Simon said...

Why, happy birthday! And blog birthday, because I refuse the allure of portmandeus that isn't Bocall.

Kara said...

I don't know why you ever would've feared unfollowing after the Waldo Post of Profundity. No, I didn't comment on that entry, but it was pretty much what cemented my love for this blog. I keep trying to think of creative ways to force my husband into reading your stuff ('cos I know he'll love it if he does), and I think I can probably win him over with a post on banned books, so Waldo has a pretty good chance of winning this war (you have no idea how difficult it is to get him to read anything but news and really dry research...).

Anyway, happy birthday to you AND your blog! I'm glad it has lasted a year and I look forward to reading it for [hopefully] many more!

Jen said...

Did I really just get a shout out from my favorite Amber?

Girl, you make me blush. Have I told you lately that your posts are so adorably hilarious that I have to control the urge to pee while reading them?

Seriously. =)
PS: I love your Star Wars toaster! I really want a Battlestar Galactica one.

Jen said...

Oh and Happy Birthday! I forgot the best part.

Fear Street said...


The gleeful child-like grin plastered on my face at seeing my name listed for the My Own Personal Superhero Award is your gift. (Does that make me cheap? Probably.)

I love your Star Wars stuff. The Yoda cookie! Sweet green cuteness that is (see what I did there?! Lame jokes are all I'm good for!) I also quite enjoy the look on your face as you massacre that balloon. Hawt.

Anyway, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :p

Amiee said...

Happy birthday to you and your blog!
I think I've crossed the line into crazy nationalism because at first I thought Darth was made of vegemite.

nikki said...

Oh man an award from Amber? That's the shit! And yes, I think I've been following you since post number one. And happy birthday/blogoversary.

Angie said...

Oh my garsh... thanks Amber! Congrats on your bday and bloggaversary. You're original and hilarious and we're happy we found you on this here internetmagig :)

MJenks said...

That toaster is so full of epic win. I should try and find one of those for my kids. My little boy is Star Wars obsessed. Way more than me, even.

And...HAPPY AWESOME BIRTHDAY!!! Clearly, by wielding that purple lightsaber, you are showing the world what a bad-ass motherfucker you are. Keep it up.

Thanks for the award. Now I don't have to write shit for Monday. I can just thank you for your kindness, tell everyone how full-on awesome you are and...well that's kind of it. Hooray for not needing any creativity! Woo!!!

Alison said...

Happy birthday, Amber! I love how you embrace your nerdburger status. It's the only way to go.

And I want that Yoda cookie. It looks deeelicious.

Karen Kaye said...

qoSlIj DatIvjaj!!

That's "happy birthday" in Klingon. Married with 3 kids and I'm still an uber dork. You never grow out of it.

Q'aplaH, girlfriend!

maucotel said...

Congrats! Love the blog. And I have major toaster envy.

Tina K said...

That is a cool toaster. I'm hoping to get one that puts Jesus on my toast for my birthday.

Anyway, happy birthday, happy blog-versary, happy being awesome!

RAY J said...

Aww thanks Amber - totally made my dad just a little better =)

And happy birthday to you! That toaster is awesome!

Nicki said...

I need to go SAT style on this post. No, not with analogies. They got rid of those in 2005.

A.) That toaster makes me insanely happy because it is an excellent source of breakfast nourishment and will go perfect with a blue milk dispenser or an Emperor Palpatine microwave;
B.) Happy Birthday!;
C.) Happy Bloggaversary!;
D.) Thanks for making your Incredible, Awesome, So Good, Not Bad Day my Incredible, Awesome, So Good, Not Bad Day too by mentioning the Loaded Handbag.

girlwithglasses said...

is the evilness nullified by a heavy application of jelly? inquiring minds want to know.

also, happy birthday! a day late. because that's how i roll.

Barbara said...

Happy birthday Amber! That toaster is so cool!!

MC said...

Happy Birthday Amber.

Was there a birthday dance of joy?

Maria said...

That feels very nice, coming from you. Thank you.

And happy birthday. :)

The Chicken's Consigliere said...

Happy Birthday, Amber. And to you, too MM. And Happy Anniversary, as well. All is good in the burg. Not sure where that came from.

Megs said...

Happy Birthday! I covet your toaster. I believe evil toast probably tastes about a thousand percent better than regular old toast.

Also, you are awesome. It's YOUR birthday but you totally just made MY day.

soft nonsense said...

You know, I had wondered why all of a sudden my followers jumped a good 4-5 people in the span of, like, two days. Of course it was due to a bump from my favorite bloggess. I don't know whether I will beat down my own ego by telling myself they're following me only on your suggestion, or inflate it due to:

1) People actually liking it.
2) You liking me enough to put me first (*TEAR*)
3) You calling me not only cool, but friggin' cool.
4) You pointing out my obvious good looks.

Either way, Happy Birthday and bloggaversary (if the grammar lady says its a thing, its a thing). I quite legitimately count myself thoroughly lucky to have found your site. Your posts are always the highlight of my blog trolling, and are closely followed by any comments you leave on my site. I even enjoy your comments on OTHER people's blogs.

So what I'm saying is that I would like to be officially made your Internet stalker.

Don't worry, I'll make the badge myself.

Final note: I have been waiting for you to have this as a title to one of your posts for months now.

Danaconda said...

Good lookin' out fellow burrito lover. Glad I can help you get your Ph.D. in Weiner Education.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Happy birthday, sweet drawing ladeh! Hope it's full of cake and other goodies. Yeah!

Sada said...

The fact that you share a birthday with Ralph Macchio may explain your miraculous anti-aging abilities. Thanks for the award--and also for the Christmas gift ideas for my boyfriend. Hope this year will be filled with awesome!

p.s. Yes, I'm spectacularly behind on blog reading. Better late than never?

Tabs A. Geek said...

Woot! Thanks for the Personal Superhero award! I am totally going to post it on Taking Apart soon. :)

And I am totally jealous of your toaster.

Heather Taylor said...

Thank you for the award Amber! Judging from the pictures, your birthday sounds like it was epic, but here are some belated wishes to keep the good times and epic-ness rolling.
Alright, alright, alright! -Wooderson

Melanie's Randomness said...

AWESOME!!!! =)Happy Birthday!! Thank you for the Artie award!! =)