Friday, August 19, 2011

The Fountain of Youth: I Made A Fort

Yesterday, I officially came out of fort-building retirement to create this masterpiece. Those who've seen it (i.e. my cat) have called it "an elegant study in symmetry, proportion, and draping sheets over stuff." It took a total of 10 minutes to construct and because I have hella fort-building skillz, it has yet to collapse. Yes, I slept in it.
The whole process was very organic. I used my bed as the foundation and things that were higher than my bed as posts. The interior of the fort was lined with pillows and couch cushions to maximize the comfy factor while also giving it a touch of opulence. 
The end result was a tasteful cross between Hooverville shanty and 12th century harem room. The kick-back vibe was immediately palpable and all of the provisions that I'd brought into my cozy little garrison just made it all the more palpabler. 
The DVDs that I chose to accompany me on this journey to the center of myself were Election, Manhattan Murder Mystery, and Freaks and Geeks. I hadn't watched any of these in a while and felt like this super mellow moment would be a great time to reacquaint myself with them.
Sidebar: If you haven't seen Manhattan Murder Mystery you need to get on that tout suite.  Not only is it my favorite Woody Allen, it's also an example of a perfect movie--structure, humor, acting, theme, symbolism, everything is perfect.
If you don't currently reside in a fort, my advice to you would be to build one right away. In all honesty, I don't think that I've been more comfortable in my entire adult life. I haven't been especially stressed of late but this whole experience has been extremely relaxing. I've reached a whole new level of chill. I am so zen right now. I feel like Patrick Swayze in Point Break, except forts are to me what waves were to him. 


lalalalauren said...

i LOVE "manhattan murder mystery."

also, i don't think i've built a fort since i was 10... i kinda want to just cancel all my social activities tonight and devote the evening to fort building and woody allen films. thanks for the inspiration.

Semaj said...

love the ST:TOS calendar

dbs said...

*feeling nostalgic*

Munk said...

This post was worth reading if only for the word "palpabler".
I love you too.

Aaron said...

I've been wanting to build my own blanket fort ever since Troy and Abed did it on Community last year. I just don't have enough blankets for it to be feasible. It's a little disappointing.

Linda said...

Interesting. This is the third post I've read on sleeping accommodations today.
Anyway, Manhattan is one of my favorites also. It may very well be the funniest movie I've ever seen.
Nice fort!

Missed Periods said...

Fast forward a year:

"Do you still sleep in a fort?"

"Every day."

Okay, that quote makes you Keanu Reeves, but still.

Nicki said...

I still make forts but they are TOTALLY NOT THIS COOL.

Jealous. Face.

Nicole said...

I saw Manhattan years ago in a college class. What was that class even about? I don't even remember.

After I saw Where the Wild Things Are I decided I would go home and build a fort. Then I got home and immediately forgot.

Then, like Aaron, I wanted to build a fort after that episode of Community, but then I promptly forgot again.

What was I talking about again? I forgot.

missPicture said...

I really want to make a fort and do exactly what you did. I called it a tent as a child though because I always wanted to go camping. said...

i spent half of my going-away-to-chile party in blanket forts. we had two groups, and thus, fort dueling. it ended in attempting to bury opposing teams in pillows.

forts and alcohol mix wonderfully, in case you were wondering.

chukichi said...

Good grief, a fort. This is the answer to all of my problems! Love it!