Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vintage Homework Assignment

Every ninth-grader at my small parochial high school was required to take a class called “Christian Lifestyles.” It was essentially just a human sexuality course but I imagine the curriculum must have been created by the local diocese. Looking back at this assignment—dated Oct 28, 1997—it’s clear that my school was a lot more progressive than I remember it being. 

I like how definitive I am here. 
I'd like to think that I was making some sort of political statement by leaving this one blank. But I'm pretty sure that I just couldn't find the answer in the book. 

If I could ask my 13-year-old self one question it'd be, "why did you write your 'R's' like that?" Not cute.


nikki said...

Wow, that is a progressive parochial school! My husband went to a Baptist school (from which he's mostly managed to recover)and there's no way he'd have had classwork like that! Geez, his sex ed was so pathetic, he didn't quite even understand the mechanics of menstruation and ovulation until I taught him when he was TWENTY TWO YEARS OLD!

Amber said...

Wowza. That's kinda scary.

Though I'm not sure of how much of this I actually absorbed and how much of it was just copied straight out of a book, I will say that no one at my school got knocked up and everyone was really accepting of the few openly gay kids.

I's great to learn. 'Cause knowledge is power!

Imnotbenny said...

Holy crap, this is the best. blog. ever.

You should be my neighbor.

Amber said...

Thanks, man. You're the coolest.