Sunday, January 24, 2010

The 90s According to Big Girls Don't Cry...They Get Even

Big Girls Don’t Cry...They Get Even is one of those quintessential 90s movies about the breakdown of the nuclear family with a title that alludes to a song that my grandmother knows all the words to (Bye Bye Love is another one). Laura, the titular big girl slash even-getter is super smart, super cynical and when I was ten I wanted to be her. Like Laura, I’d walk around town breaking the fourth wall. Passersby would yell out things like, "Hey kid, are you talking to me?" And I’d say, "Give me a sec," to the fourth wall and then to the passersby I’d say, "No, I’m not talking to you. I’m breaking the fourth wall." Sometimes I’d even go so far as to break the fifth, sixth, and seventh walls. But never the eighth wall. You don’t want to mess with that eighth wall.

The 90s According to Big Girls Don’t Cry...They Get Even

Cute Stepbrothers Were Named Josh

I’m sure you thought that Josh was the only cute 90s era stepbrother named Josh. But Josh was also cute, named Josh, and somebody’s stepbrother.

Ben Savage Was Adorable

When Ben Savage was a kid, he was cute. When he was older, not so much.

Bras Were Shirts
When you wear a bra as a shirt, do you have to wear another bra under the outer bra? And if bra-shirts become fashionable again, will Kirsten Dunst--a young woman who never wears bras--walk around topless?

Divorce Was Starting To Be Funny
Any time I hear that someone’s getting divorced, I just laugh and laugh. That crap’s hella funny.

Griffin Dunne Was In Movies

Griffin Dunne was to the early 90s, what Sam Rockwell is to whatever this decade’s called. (Actually, this is a totally baseless comparison. I just really like Griffin Dunne and Sam Rockwell. Did you see Moon? Rockwell was pretty great in it.)


Anonymous said...

Dude, I think I remember this!! Did she have a quote journal? If this is the movie I think it is, I started keeping a quote journal immediately afterwards. I remember just completely idolizing the main character -- and, actually, judging by that trailer, she does look pretty darn likable. Good taste, tween-TKOG!

Amber said...

Yeah this is the movie with the quote journal. And I too started one of those after seeing it.

Anonymous said...

"MOON" was fantabulous! And Sam Rockwell's always great in anything, even that "Charlie's Angels" nonsense. :) And really, Ben Savage = scary.

Sadako said...

I never actually saw this but I do have nostalgia for it because I saw the trailer for it in a movie that I used to watch a lot--I think it might have been Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? The ad I saw had its original working title, "Stepkids."

Awww, lil Ben Savage!

Also, I just resaw Clueless last night...Josh! :D

Ames said...

Thanks Sadako, I thought this looked familar but the title didn't. Also was Griffin Dunne Vada's teacher in My Girl?

Amber said...

Yup. He was Vada's teacher. I think that was where I first saw him.

nikki said...

How did I manage to forget that Griffin Dunne was Vada's teacher?

Pana said...

(a) Is that Jenny Lewis?

(b) After I typed that question I imdb-ed it, because I didn't want anyone to say, "is your google broken?" It is Jenny Lewis.

(c) Moon came to my house via Netflix magic THIS VERY DAY. It is fated!

Sally-Sal said...

I wanted to jump off that log with Josh. That was my teenage dream.

Amber said...

(a) I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at the Rilo Kiley band practices. Watching Jenny Lewis and Blake "Pinsky" Sennett just hang out would be so awesome.

(b) I hope you enjoyed "Moon." And even if you didn't, you have to admit that Sam Rockwell was fantastic.

Sally: You and me both!

Pana said...

True story: I got my first period the same time that the kid who Pinsky replaced on Salute Your Shorts - I can't even remember his name now! - left the show (and Pinksy showed up). I had a Giant Crush on nameless wonder, and it was summer time, so I think I watch approx. 16 hours of TV per day at that time, so I felt VERY CLOSE TO HIM. Also, the hormones.

I wept for my loss, lying in my room listening to Guns N Roses "Patience" on my tape walkman.

Amber said...

Pana: I feel like the kid's name was Michael, but I'm way too lazy to look it up. One day they'll release Salute Your Shorts on DVD and the two of you will finally be reunited.