Monday, November 9, 2009

Saw this by a computer at work today


Now, I’m no TMNT purist or anything but these nunchucks are pretty janky. They look like Kryptonite bike locks. Though I guess, when you really think about it, a Kryptonite bike lock would’ve been a far more intimidating weapon. If you’re confronted by a giant turtle and he starts hitting you with a nunchuck then you’re like, OK this is definitely weird but this creature hitting me with these nunchucks must be some kind of ninja turtle. And then maybe you’ll try and fight back because you can sort of make sense of the situation. But if a giant turtle is hitting you with a pair of Kryptonite bike locks, well, that’s just insane. I can’t even imagine the kind of psychological damage that experiencing something like that might have on a person.


Tim DeMoor said...

Heh, your blog is awesome. =)

Amber said...

Thank You!

Courtney said...

I just found myself in the land of awesome with this post!

As a fellow product of the 80s, I feel gyped that we didn't have Kryptonite nunchucks to play with. Thanks Matel for ruining my childhood.

Love the concept of your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :D