Monday, November 16, 2009

I watched The Cable Guy on Encore yesterday 45 million times (roughly)

The Cable Guy is Jim Carrey at his most spastic, so obviously I can see how that could be a bit off-putting. At the same time, it’s Jim Carrey at his most spastic, and as someone who grew up on Fire Marshall Bill, that really isn’t a problem for me.

cable guy 1

It’s one of those movies that everyone is supposed loath. And while I can’t say that I fully understand the motivation behind Carrey’s bizarre lispy, vocal affectation, there are some great moments.

cable guy 2

The karaoke scene is pretty killer. And then there’s the pick-up game, which to me, isn’t funny because Carrey stomps on Jack Black’s back before shattering so much backboard glass.
Picture 10
It’s funny because no one seems to appreciate how remarkable the dunk was. They all walk off pissed, which is far more surreal than the slow-mo insanity that precedes it.
owen wilson
If for no other reason, The Cable Guy is noteworthy for providing the foundation for the Judd Apatow comedy conglomerate—he co-wrote the screenplay—and introducing Ben Stiller—he directed—to Owen Wilson. Without The Cable Guy there would be no Zoolander.
Picture 1

As much as I like this movie, I will say that I’ve always been horrified by that chicken skin on Jim Carrey’s face. All that grease! Just watching it, my pores start clogging up.


Grant said...

Braaaa Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Braaa Braaaaaaaaa

I love this movie.

Amber said...

Yeah, this movie is a near perfect synthesis of everything I love about life: medieval times, star trek, and 90s era Jim Carrey. It would be the perfect synthesis if my mom and a burrito were in it.

Cristina said...

Fire Marshall Bill was my favorite character on In Living Color, and there were so many good ones! I didn't love The Cable Guy when I first watched it, but I've found it grows on you the more times you watch it.

Thanks for visiting my blog. And freelance burrito eaters? They're pretty awesome folk :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the Cable Guy! I skipped my prom to go to Midieval Times and prayed someone would let me joust in the ring. I mean Andy Dick was the ring master!

Children of the 90s said...

I remember this movie causing a lot of buzz when it came out because a lot of people hated it, but as a kid I loved it! That chicken skin grosses me out, too, though.

Angie said...

YES! Fire Marshall Bill! Cable Guy was bizarre but we loved it anyway. We can't help it!

Organic Meatbag said...

that is absolutely one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time...I'm not a fan of many of Jim Carrey's movies, but I thought this one was fucking awesome...

Anonymous said...

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