Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Smurfing Smurf You

Of all the Smurfs, Brainy Smurf was probably the douchiest. He was super pedantic and had that nasally, sanctimonious nerd voice. I wasn’t a fan of his when I was a kid but I think I sort of love him now. A couple of days ago, I realized that the he and I have tons in common. Aside from the nasally, sanctimonious nerd voice, we both wear glasses, we’re both bossy, and of course, we both like to do science topless. To celebrate my newfound affinity for Brainy, I purchased this plush likeness of him at Target. 


Chris Hoke said...

Topless Science. You should pitch it as new show idea to the Discovery Channel. After seeing that show about blowing things up in slow motion (which is totally directed at stoners), I think it'd be right up their alley.

Your blog is my new comfort food.

Amber said...

I'm gonna shoot those Discovery Channel bigwigs an email right now.

And thanks for visiting!