Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ode to Ed Chigliak

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska but migrated to California when I was three years old (and before you ask, yes, I made the journey solo—I’ve always been a very industrious individual). Eager to reacquaint myself with Alaskan culture, I started watching Northern Exposure.

Ode to Ed Chigliak

Oh, Ed Chigliak, you blue-eyed Indian. You are my dreamboat.

ed 4.JPG
I wish to run my hands through thine floppy 90s hair.
ed 2.JPG
How I yearn to snuggle up to ye on an Alaskan night that lasts for days, to press my nose against thine ubiquitous leather jacket, to sniff. Aye, I will give thine jacket a thorough sniffing.
ed 7.JPG
We shall eat cheeseburgers at The Brick and discuss'th the films of Peter Bogdanovich.
ed 5.JPG
You will tell me about thine shaman lessons,
ed 8.JPG
and I shall grow'th bored for a time.
ed 6.JPG

 But then we shall eat several more cheeseburgers, continue our Bogdanovich conversation from earlier, and alas, I shall smile at ye once again, Ed Chigliak, my dreamboat, my blue-eyed Indian.


Sarah said...

Aww. I just discovered your blog today and am reading older posts. I love Ed, too! He's my second favorite, after Joel. (yeah I know, but you have to love Joel! He's so short and cute.)

Anonymous said...

Ed Chigliak is indeed a dreamboat. I'll fight you for him. Paper, rocks, scissors.

Alice Blair said...

Glad to see that other people like him as much as I do. :) Ed's a doll. <3

Trisha said...

I'm posting here long after the fact, to say that I'm re-watching NORTHERN EXPOSURE for the first time since the 90s and Ed is bloody gooorgeous!! Total dreamboat for sure. hehe