Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Did they ever explain why they were both named Pete? As much as I loved (and still love) The Adventures of Pete and Pete, that always bothered me. Sure, there were aspects of the show that were far more surreal, but I just couldn’t fathom a world where two brothers had the same name.

pete and pete title.JPG

Mom got the plate in her head before the Petes were born, right? Perhaps the metal pressing down on her skull had something to do with her unorthodox child-naming practices.

pete and pete 3.JPG

Perhaps the plate also explains why there wasn't much of a fuss over her 10-year-old son's gigantic sexy lady tattoo.

pete and pete 6.JPG

To be honest, I never really cared for little Pete (despite his remarkable lumberjack hat).

pete and pete.JPG

I wouldn't have minded if the titular adventures were solely Pete's. And when I say Pete, I'm referring to Pete.

pete and pete2.JPG

As an adult, I always confuse Pete's villain, Endless Mike, with Pete's villain, Pit Stain. But I think that if you revisit the show, you will discover that both Endless Mike and Pit Stain had pit stains...

endless mike.JPG

and that Artie's relationship with Pete is incredibly inappropriate, especially when you take those red, bulge-enhancing tights into consideration. There was clearly something psychologically off about that man. It was pretty irresponsible of the people of Wellsville to let him run around town like that.

pete and pete 5.JPG


Grant said...

My friends used to go on Phish tour with one of the Pete's. I never meet the guy. Cool site.

Amber said...

thank you!

RenRexx said...

holy crap. totally back to memory lane....

Sadako said...

Just discovered this blog through Nikki--LURVED Pete and Pete! And the theme song. It was so good. My fave ep was definitely the ringing telephone that sent everyone into PTSD.